Retailers, suppliers and distributors

Are you a local Retailer, Supplier or Distributor? is the new local marketplace to sell to local people

Our new Local to You website links local retailers to local people. Powered by The Nottingham Local News, we promote, we sell and then deliver your products to our customers. It’s really easy to sell your products with us:

  • Tell us what products you want to sell
  • You set the price and the quantity available
  • is promoted throughout the local area with print and digital marketing
  • It’s a secure retail platform to process orders and collect payment
  • Our fulfillment options include home or office delivery and click and collect from our warehouse

In return we charge a flat commission rate for all sales through the website, there are no other ‘hidden’ charges such as joining fees, product listing fees or transaction fees. Plus, we know cashflow is very important for small local businesses, so payment for all sales is made directly into your bank account on a weekly basis.


We know it’s tough for local businesses during these unprecedented times. So, we want to support suppliers by lowering our sales commission rate to just 10% until 31st December 2020. Remember, the sales commission is the only fee you’ll pay to sell with us.

For more information email us at